Slow Flow



Slow Flow classes are light and creative, but slower paced than our Flow classes. Poses are generally held for longer periods, and the transitions between poses a little slower to ensure alignment and movement with breath.

This is an excellent class in which to begin your yoga practice, as you are able to familiarise yourself with foundation postures. Learn the core asanas (postures) for your Flow practice.

Vinyasa Flow



This style not only improves flexibility, but also increases cardiovascular fitness, and strength due to a faster paced flow between postures, and the number of postures approached. Movements are synchronized with the breath and more advanced poses are introduced. Some prior yoga experience is recommended. 



NEW 5 week WORKSHOP - term 4. Offering different techniques each week. This class provides the perfect opportunity to learn techniques for breath and mind control to improve concentration, reduce stress, enhance sleep, help relationships and increase overall wellbeing. 





In Yin yoga you will hold postures, generally performed on the floor, for a longer period of time so that the connective tissue (fascia) can be gently stretched. Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of Yoga. Your body will find length in this class while allowing stillness for deep mental relaxation and restoration.




Strengthening, stretching and nourishing  body and mind for pregnant women. This class helps to maintain calm throughout pregnancy and to prepare for birth and motherhood.

Mums and Bubs



A fun, interactive class for both mums and bubs. A wonderful way to connect with your little ones, get them moving, and at the same time ease pain in your body and feel revitalised after sleepless nights. Will also help regain your body strength and flexibility.